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Order Inquiry&Tracking Instructions

1.PayPal Orders will be confirmed Within 1-3 WORKDAY.

2.Credit Card Orders will be reflected immediately.

3. You will be able to track emails 3 business days after the product is shipped.

4. If the order is not delivered within 1 month, please be sure to use "contact us" to contact the customer service center.To eliminate logistics delays....


Tips: Can’t I contact online customer service?

1.CONTACT NUMBER:Fans of our website come from all over the world,All-language customer service calls are currently not supported.

2.Online Customer Service:Due to the different time in different places, online response may not be timely. Our customer service is online: 20:30, US time-5:00 am the next day.



DHL: +1-888-666-0889 +86-150-1285-4332

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