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Fate Grand Order Mashu | Shuten | Jalter | Astolfo Game Sex Doll

Fate Grand Order Mashu | Shuten | Jalter | Astolfo Sex Doll

Fate/Grand Order (abbreviated as FGO) is a popular Japanese mobile role-playing game developed, It is part of the larger Fate franchise, which includes various Anime and Manga series, visual novels, and other media.

Mashu Kyrielight or Mash, known as Shielder, Mash is a young woman with short brown hair and blue eyes, Mash has a rather athletic figure and wears a white and blue Chaldea uniform with a shield emblem.

Shuten-douji is a seductive and mischievous demon(other Demon: Nezuko from Demon Slayer and Albedo  from Overlord), an assassin-class eervant, a young woman with long dark hair, fox-like ears, and a pair of horns. Shuten often wears an elaborate, revealing kimono and is known for her skill in poison and assassination techniques.

Astolfo, also known as Rider of Black, one of the twelve knights, Astolfo's character is often described as carefree, optimistic, and somewhat naive.

Jeanne d'Arc Alter,also known as Jeanne Alter or simply Jalter,the "Dragon Witch"(Ciri from Witcher), "Witch of Vengeance", Class Name Avenger, she is an Avenger-class Servant in the Grand Orders of Fate/Grand Order,Jalter is also a boss-only character under the Ruler-class during the events of the Orleans Singularity.

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Shuten-Douji -Fate Grand Order 145cm/4ft9 B-cup Japanese Mobile Game Nude Love Doll

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Mashu Kyrielight Shielder -Fate Grand Order 155cm/5ft1 C-cup Cosplay Love Doll

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Astolfo -Fate Grand Order 142cm/4ft7 A-cup Skinny Mobile Game Shemale Sex Doll

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Jeanne Alter -Fate Grand Order 135cm/4ft4 AA-cup Santa Lily Nude Doll

Aotume Doll  TPE Sex Doll

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