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Resident Evil Ada Wong | Jill Valentine Sex Doll

Resident Evil Ada Wong | Jill Valentine Sex Doll

Ada Wong is a fictional character in Resident Evil video game series,created by Capcom. she made her film debut in 1998's Resident Evil 2. 

Ada Wong is a highly skilled and elusive agent in the Resident Evil series. Often acting independently,she is proficient in combat, espionage, and hacking. she is known for her skill with a bowgun, able to handle dangerous situations with ease.

Ada Wong is known for her unique customes in the Resident Evil series. Her most iconic and recognizable outfit is her red dress, which she paired with a black belt that cinched her waist, added definition to her silhouette. the black gloves covered her hands to her wrists and her sunglasses were fashionable, tinted lenses protect her eyes and allow her to maintain a calm and mysterous appearance.

Ada Wong has a complicated relationship with the protagonist Leon S. Kennedy. They first meet during the events of Resident Evil 2, where Ada initially poses as an FBI agent to investigate Umbrella. Their interaction develops into a romantic connection amid the chaos of the pandemic,However, their relationship is often strained due to Ada's mysterious personality and conflicting loyalties.

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