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Dragon Maid Kanna | Tohru | Iruru Anime Sex Doll

Dragon Maid Kanna | Tohru | Iruru Anime Sex Doll

"Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid" is a popular Japanese anime and manga series, the story revolves around the life of office worker Kobayashi who encounters a dragon named Tohru.

Tohru is a dragon from another world who takes the form of a human maid with long, blonde hair and a set of horns on her head. Kanna Kamui is another standout character, she appears as a young elementary school girl with blue hair, and she can summon and control electricity. Iruru is a female dragon belonging to the Chaos Dragons Faction who live with Kobayashi as her third dragon resident.

Aotume Brand offers Kanna,Tohru and Iruru Anime Sex Doll including heights 155cm/5ft1 and 135cm/4ft4, all with Big Boobs, made of TPE material,high quality, discreetly packaged and shipped free of charge from SEXCDOLL. 

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Kanna -Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid 135cm/4ft4 AA-cup Petite Animal Sex Doll

Aotume Doll  TPE Sex Doll



Kanna -Dragon Maid 135cm/4ft4 F-cup Big Boobs Anime Love Doll

Aotume Doll  TPE Sex Doll



Tohru -Dragon Maid 155cm/5ft1 F-cup Big Booty Anime Sex Doll

Aotume Doll  TPE Sex Doll



Iruru -Dragon Maid 135cm/4ft4 G-cup 31Kg Chubby Anime Sex Doll (2 type mouth Available)

Aotume Doll  TPE Sex Doll

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