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Damaged Product or Invalid Order:

We take product quality extremely seriously. Every order is thoroughly inspected, tested & photographed before delivery. Be sure to check that the product is in accordance with your order before using it. If the product has been used, we will not process complaints even if there is an error in the order.

If you notice damage or errors in your order:

Please do not use the product. We do not handle complaints if the product has been used.

Report problem with photos to our support after 24-hours order received (

We will investigate the issue & photos and get back to you.

In most cases, we will send you broken or missing parts on order.

Returns & Refunds

Since our products are custom-made and specially made for you, unfortunately, we cannot offer returns or refunds.

Order Cancellations:

Although we do not accept returns and refunds, order cancellation for custom sex dolls is possible within the first 24 hours after the order is placed. Manufacturing usually takes 1-3 days, so we can stop the manufacturing process. But we need to charge a 20% cancelation fee because of the manufacturing process has already started. You will get an 80% refund within 24 hours. Noticed that after 24h order cancelation is not possible.

If you need to cancel your order, please email with your:

NOTE: We do not offer 24 hours order cancellation for IN STOCK Dolls or Sex toys.

Doll Modification After Order is Placed:

Please, remember to check your order precisely before completing your order. Doll manufacturing starts immediately after an order is placed. We offer modifications to 12 hours, but after the 12-hour window order modification is not possible.

We charge one time ($7500) modification fee from order modifications.

If you need modification after order is placed, please email us:


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