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Rei Ayanami -Evangelion

Rei Ayanami (Japanese: 綾波 レイ, Hepburn: Ayanami Rei) is a fictional character in the anime "Neon Genesis Evangelion." Rei is an introverted girl who serves as the pilot of a giant mecha called Evangelion Unit 00. Rei's purpose is to serv as a key component in the Human Instrumentality Project, a plan to merge all human souls into one entity.

Rei is a teenage girl with pale skin, blue hair, and red eyes. At first,her unusual behavior astonishes her peers. As the series progresses, her personality evolves and she grows closer to those around her, especially her classmate and fellow Eva pilot Shinji Ikari. In the end, the audience learned that Rei's mysterious origins tie into the story's ending, which reveals that she is a clone of Shinji's mother Yui Ikari.

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