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Blue Archive Miyu | Asuna | Karin Game Cosplay Sex Doll

Blue Archive Miyu | Asuna | Karin Cosplay Sex Doll

Blue Archive is a South Korean role-playing mobile game, described as "An RPG about finding miracles in everyday life", The game versions include Japanese, English, Korean, Traditional Chinese and Thai.

Kasumizawa Miyu is a female student who wields a a white finnish model sniper rifle, she is a member of the RABBIT platoon, a very shy teenager with low self-esteem,but her weak presence is useful for sniper missions, Miyu's callsign is "RABBIT 4".

Kakudate Karin is a young girl studying in Millennium Science School who wields a black Boys anti-tank sniper rifle, Karin is an agent of C&C. her codename is "zero-two," and she is responsible for providing strong fire support from the backlines. Karin has long black hair and wears a French maid headdress.

Ichinose Asuna is a first-year student and the most energetic and optimistic member of C&C. codename:"zero-one",also known as "Bunny girl",uses a three tone FAMAS F1 assault rifle, She often acts like a happy-go-lucky child with beige hair and wears a French maid headdress.

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