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Sagiri Izumi -Eromanga Sensei Japanese Anime Sex Doll

Sagiri Izumi -Eromanga Sensei Japanese Anime Sex Doll

Sagiri Izumi is a main female protagonist from the Japanese anime and light novels "Eromanga Sensei", and the younger step-sister of Masamune Izumi.

Sagiri is cute, a young little girl with long silver hair tied with two small pink ribbons at the sides of her head. she is a talented artist who depicts suggestive and erotic artwork and an introverted shut-in who rarely leaves her room.  

Sagiri Skinny Anime Sex Doll is 145cm/4ft8 tall, has AA-cup Small Breasts, gross weight 29kg, and is made from TPE, a body-safe plastic with heightened elasticity from Aotume Brand, can provide a private and discreet outlet for sexual expression.

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Sagiri Izumi -Eromanga Sensei 135cm/4ft4 AA-cup 22Kg Loli Sex Doll For Men

Aotume Doll  TPE Sex Doll

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