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Anya Forger | Spy x Family | Anime Sex Doll

Anya Forger | Spy x Family | Anime Sex Doll

Anya Forger is the main character in the manga and anime series "Spy X Family". She is a young girl adopted by the protagonist Loid Forger/ Twilight and has the unique ability to read minds.

Anya is portrayed as an energetic and curious girl who forms close bonds with her adoptive parents, Twilight and Yor Forger.

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Anya Forger -Spy x Family 148cm/4ft9 A-cup 34Kg Petite Teen Sex Doll

AXB Doll  Silicone Head+TPE Body

$1550 $1670


Anya Forger -Spy x Family 105cm/3ft5 A-cup Petite Mini Anime Sex Doll

Aotume Doll  TPE Sex Doll

$1520 $1630


Anya -Spy x Family 105cm/3ft5 A-Cup TPE Japanese Flat Chested Teen Anime Mini Sex Doll

Aotume Doll

$1630 +1-888-666-0889 +86-150-1285-4332

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