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Shuten-Douji -Fate Grand Order

Shuten-Douji is a key character in the mobile game Fate/Grand Order (FGO), a 4-star Assassin-class Servant in the game.

Shuten-Douji is based on the legendary character of the same name from Japanese folklore. In Fate/Grand Order, she is portrayed as a playful and seductive oni (demon). Her real name is Minamoto no Raikou, and she is one of the "Four Heavenly Kings of the Oni" alongside Ibaraki-Douji, and is also a playable Servant in FGO.

Shuten-Douji is a powerful Assassin-class Servant with good NP generation ability and potential fatal damage, due to her Noble Phantasm's continuous damage effect, she is particularly effective against enemies with high HP pools .

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Shuten-Douji -Fate Grand Order 145cm/4ft9 B-cup Japanese Mobile Game Nude Love Doll

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