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How to Care My Sex Doll? | Love Dolls Most Detailed Guide

A  sex doll  is the most possession of a love doll owner, there is no denying that. This means that taking good care of your love doll is undoubtedly going to be your top priority.

Here and today, we will share some detailed tips to help you solve the problem "How to care my sex doll?" more easily.

Next, we will mainly explain these 4 sections separately.

  1. How to Safely Store my Love Doll?

  2. How to Safely Move my Sex Doll Around?

  3. How to Prevent my Fuck Doll Vaginal and Anal Ripping?

  4. How to Keep my Sex Doll from Staining?

1. How to Safely Store my Love Doll?

It's vital to know how to store your love doll safely, If your sex doll is not stored securely, it may be endangering your health, damage your love doll, reveal your privacy, leave your room cluttered, and more

To help you, we will discuss the different practical ways to store your adult love doll.

1)Hanging love Doll in your closet

If you have a closet then you don't need to worry about how to store your full-size silicone / TPE sex doll. You can easily hang your doll irrespective of its size and weight. It requires you to disconnect the head and suspend your love doll in the air away from other surfaces using a hook. In the same way, you'll suspend the head safely until you're ready to reattach it and utilize your adult doll again. 

If you want the doll to be more hidden we suggest covering it with use soft blankets, towels, throws, and other colorfast items to prevent dyes from bleeding onto your doll's skin.

Some sex doll sellers recommend that sex dolls with upright feet be stored upright. We do not recommend that you store your love doll in a standing position even if he/she has the standing foot option. This puts undue stress on the doll's bones and legs, causing damage and shortening the love doll's lifespan.


2)Storing Your Sex Doll Under The Bed

If you have limited space in your place, storing sex dolls under your bed will be one of your favorite options. At the same time a private space, so you can better protect your privacy because almost no one will try to find anything under the bed.

Putting your love doll under a bed requires a lot of precautions to avoid unnecessary damage to the doll's skin and its structure.

You need to always pay attention to these things:

  • ● You need to protect your sex doll from dust, aurora, high humidity, and other factors that may infect it.

  • ● Your love doll should be placed on a padded surface that does not stain easily to prevent pressure on her bones and to prevent indentations on the doll's body.

  • ● Avoid keeping the sex doll in an awkward position for a long time; if the skin does not return to its natural position after use, it may be strained, damaged, or even cracked.

  • ● When carrying or moving the sex doll, follow the standard rules for moving heavy objects: keep your back straight and bend your knees and hips. And you should always lift the doll by the body and not by the limbs or the head.


With the above considerations in mind, here are a few ways you can easily store your love doll under the bed:

(1) Get a bed storage box.

If your bed has enough storage space, then use it to safely store your love doll, using a bed storage box is definitely better than letting it lie on the floor without proper padding.

(2) Use a large dust bag with a zipper

With foam padding on one side of the bag, lie your sex doll on her back with her arms at her sides, then wrap her in a soft blanket. Put her in the storage bag, zip up the dust bag and slide it under the bed.

Do not store sex dolls in clothing. Tight clothing can cause wrinkles and skin damage. Some clothing will seep into the love doll's skin, causing stains. Zippers, buttons, grommets, studs, and other fasteners and trim can also cause damage.

(3) Store in the transport box

If you don't have any direct way to store your sex doll then this is your best option. Sexcdoll offers free shipping boxes that can be used as a temporary solution for your storage needs. However, there are a few points to note:

* Be sure to wrap your sex doll in the blanket it was shipped in to protect it from damage

Make sure the sex doll is in a neutral position and that there are no tears in any corners of the crate.

Absolutely avoid placing the case on a wet floor.

Gently prevents and removes your sex doll

2. How to Safely Move my Sex Doll Around?

Moving the sex doll around is inevitable for a adult doll owner. Today's sex dolls are more realistic and lifelike than ever before and it is simple to assume that they would weigh in as much as a real person. Taller sex dolls and busty milf sex dolls can be as heavy as 45kg or more. Because of the dead weight, it is harder to lift a sex doll than a person at the same weight. 

Carrying your sex doll properly can protect him/her from damage to the skin and small joints and it ensures little effort for the owner as well as minimizing the possibility of a sprain or an injury, backaches or even the anxiety of it.

Given that we want to have more interaction with our fantasy love doll. The following are 3 methods of safely moving your love doll:

1) With wheelchair help to move easily

  • ● Place the doll in the wheelchair, make sure her feet are not touching the floor, her arms and hands are not protruding outside of the chair's width, and she is leaning against the back of the chair.

  • ● Roll the chair around the house slowly. avoid any quick stops so your sex doll doesn't fall forward.


2) koala hug carry

Most people find the Baby koala carry is the easiest, do the following:

  • ● Place your sex doll in a seated position with the torso leaning slightly forward.

  • ● Position the arms straight to shoulder level and lift the legs parallel or kneeling to the arms with the knees bent.

  • ● Place your arm under her armpit and around her back and the other arm under her bent knees. It saves effort that holds her bosom against your chest and makes her arms against your shoulder.

  • ● Carefully stand straight up, using your legs to lift her weight, not your back.

  • ● At last, cautiously carry your sex doll to her destination. During this process, you can lean slightly to balance the doll's weight.


3) Piggy back carry

Sometimes you can have a try in "Piggy back carry". Please care for your back, We recommend that you use the first two methods.

The steps are basically the same as the koala hug carry, except that you have turned your back to the doll to carry him

3. How to Prevent my Fuck Doll Vaginal and Anal Ripping?

After the love doll has been damaged, we often struggle with how to restore the doll to its original shape. But preventing damage to a sex doll is much easier than the difficult and often impossible internal repair.

So we've put together a little guide on how to prevent vaginal and anal tearing on TPE or silicone sex dolls.

  • Never attempt to use oil-or silicone-based lubricants, baby oil, petrolatum, or body lotion when having sex with your love doll. These types of products break down the silicone and TPE, causing the love doll to dry out, crack and break.

  • ● You should always use a water-based lube designed for TPE and silicone adult dolls.

  • ● Be gentle, and don't frequently force your love doll legs too far apart during intimate contact, which can easily cause the TPE or silicone to tear. Mix it up and use sexual positions that don't spread the fuck doll's legs too far apart

  • ● Clean the sex doll's opening after each use making sure to dry the area thoroughly. Bodily fluids are alkaline and will dry out quickly if left in the orifice of a sex doll, breeding bacteria and fungi that can quickly destroy your sex doll.

  • ● Always use TPE powder after washing and drying your love doll to keep the TPE and silicone in proper condition. The powder reduces friction that puts pressure and stretches on the skin.

  • ● Do not be so rough with your sex doll during intimate contact. Unless you're willing to pay a lot for restoration or have to replace your fuck doll every few years, limit rough sex to the occasional. Rough sex will wear down the doll's vagina, anus, and mouth, and worse will cause premature tearing and tearing of the TPE and silicone

  • ● Use less aggressive sex movements. Sure, your sex doll can do the splits, but using your sex doll in these extreme maneuvers can weaken the skin in the genital area and cause tears, cracks, and damage that are difficult to repair.


4. How to Keep my Sex Doll from Staining?

The only downside to sex dolls is that their skin gets dirty and dirty very easily. That's why it's important to know how to keep your sex doll from getting dirty. TPE dolls are especially prone to soiling because the material is porous and will absorb oil, dirt, dust, and stains. Also, while silicone isn't porous, sex dolls made from it can still get stained by dyes in body washes, bubble baths, and clothing.

So, to keep your sex doll clean and stain-free, follow our list of tips and tricks to keep your sex doll from getting dirty:

  •  Wash or bathe your sex doll at least every 4 weeks. For a detailed cleaning guide, please click here: clean sex doll Instructions

  •  Wash all clothing before dressing a sex doll. Note: All costumes may vary and some clothes will still stain your love doll after washing. Best to do a short test on a part of your doll (like the top of the head) or a TPE sample.

  •  Dark clothes can stain your love doll even after washing. It's best to avoid dark clothing altogether, but if necessary, limit the amount of time you wear it. Of course, it is highly recommended to test the garment ahead of time to see if it is stained

  •  Make sure the clothes are not too tight. Because it will leave dents and marks on your love doll. If necessary, limit wearing time.

  •  Place socks on the doll's feet when moving sex doll or when she is sitting on the floor.

  •  Never use soaps, body washes, bubble baths, or bubble baths that contain dyes.

  •  Keep your sex doll away from grease, paint, stains and other items like magazines and newspapers.

  •  Pay close attention to the elbows, knees, feet, buttocks, and backs of the thighs, as these areas come into more contact with surfaces.

  •  Don't use lotions, oils, or perfumes on sex dolls as that will attract more dirt (the only exception is when conditioning the joints)



Dear, you have finished reading this article. Thank you for your support! Yes, believe that now you can solve the problem "How to care my sex doll?" easily.

Proper care of your sex doll is essential if you want to ensure its longevity and keep it out of prying eyes. If you have more ideas to share with us? Chat with us!

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Best Wishes,

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