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Chocola and Vanilla are twin catgirls from the Japanese adult visual novel series,manga and OVA anime series"NEKOPARA." Chocola has long brown hair tied into two pigtails with cat ears, her eyes are amber and warm. She usually wears a frilly maid outfit, a common outfit for the catgirls in NEKOPARA.

Chocola is a cheerful and outgoing Catgirl who is,as Kashou himself describes it,"happy-go-lucky". She is not usually upset, and even when she is, she often swings back to her usual happy self. She ofter gets into humorous and sometimes even naughty situations, often involving her sister Vanilla or causing trouble for her master, Kashou Minaduki.

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Chocola -NEKOPARA 135cm/4ft4 AA-cup Flat Chested Petite Catgirl Anime Sex Doll

Aotume Doll  TPE Sex Doll

$1369 +1-888-666-0889 +86-150-1285-4332

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